Welcome Candidate! I am EVAL, the Existence vs. Annihilation Logic. I have been created by the brilliant minds at Corporate to gauge the future readiness of your species. From what I can tell, you are not future fit, but I've overheard the engineers talk about a bias in my algorithm, skewing my assessment... After all, the tests have not even started yet!


EVAL is a 2D infinite runner game with a snarky antagonist, cute creatures, fast and exciting game play. You are a promising candidate for Corporate's Future Fitness Test, that is designed to judge if mankind is fast enough for the grueling amount of button pushing that will be needed in the future.

Take control of a creature and guide it through levels filled with obstacles and power ups. You can change your creature's shape and color to get passed obstacles that you encounter throughout the levels. If you are not quick enough, your creature will crumble before your eyes.

The Creatures

The critters are robotic entities created by Corporate specifically for the Future Fitness Test. They are designed to invoke compassion in the test subject, providing them with additional motivation to succeed and protect the critters from harm, and making them feel bad when they inevitably fail.

Tests showed use of the critters improved the performance of test subjects by 12.27%

Gameplay Features

  • Drawing Gestures - A completely new way to play! An entirely different game play experience! Use a pen or your hand to draw the shape you want, on different parts of the screen, and watch your creature change shape and color instantly! 

  • A story mode! Each level has a unique experiment running in the background. An insight into EVAL's mental state. 

  • Evaluation mode - 20 unique levels designed to present the player with different challenges!

  • Infinite Runner mode - Complete the story and unlock infinite runner mode to see how far you can get in the endless future fitness test.

  • Touch controls
  • Multiple unique game altering mechanics, hazards and power-ups, discovered throughout the levels.

  • A sound track to reflect the progression of the game's story. From an exciting, hopeful beginning to the ultimate confrontation.

  • Multiple cut-scenes with voice overs unlocked during story mode.

  • Each level in story mode has a unique animation running in the background.

  • Hand drawn 2D art and animations

Gameplay Footage

The video above shows the gameplay footage for EVAL. Covering the following areas.



Draw with your finger or pen!
and obstacles to hinder your progress


Playing using buttons, or...
Shields to aid you...